Please Help Chelsea Jean

Chelsea Jean Brashars was Born August 1st, 2012 at 1:07pm. 14 inches. 1.98lbs.

She will be in NICU until October.

She has already undergone Heart Surgery and will need at least one more.

The parents do have health insurance (Thank God) and little Chelsea has the very best of Health Care.

The purpose of this page is to raise money to help the parents with all the extra expenses that come with a preemie baby. Each day they drive a minimum of 24 miles to be with baby Chelsea. With the current price of gas alone that is a minimum of $5 per day or $150 per month!

Of course this is a very stressful time for the parents, Brandon and Corrie, and the last thing they need to be doing is having to choose between visiting their Daughter in the hospital or being able to drive to work to keep their jobs..

Could you please take a moment and click on the “Donate” button and do whatever you can to help?

Your donation goes straight to the parents and is NOT tax deductible. This is simply a gift from your heart to the family of Chelsea Jean Brashars.

I would like to donate: